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Extra Curricular Activities

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Richardson is excited to offer a variety of extracurricular activities for our preschool students!  Check out the diverse programs listed below! 


  • Water Park and Playgrounds - Kids `R` Kids Richardson has a brand new water splash and spray zone in our playgrounds for the kids to splash and help cool off the Texas summer and have a great time.  Our playgrounds comprise over 30,000 square feet of open grassy lawn, complete with brand new state of the art playground equipment (under a canopy cover to protect kids from the sun`s harmful UV rays!) for the kids enjoyment and an enhanced outdoor experience.  All of the outdoor activities is supervised by our teachers.


  • Health and Fitness - Recent studies show that our society, through the comforts of technology and fast food, enables childhood obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions. Kids 'R' Kids Richardson knows how important physical activity is to any child's development, and that's why our centers include the Kids 'R' Kids Health and Fitness Challenge.  Our unique Health and Fitness Program provides all the tools for kids of all ages to learn and enjoy how to be healthy.  Throughout this curriculum we emphasize healthy bodies, the food pyramid, family-style dining, and physical fitness.  We stress the importance of fair play, team cooperation, and physical well-being.


  • Foreign Language - There's no better time to learn another language than during the early childhood years.  In fact, a child's brain is designed to learn multiple languages.  Many of our schools offer foreign languages, a unique way to teach your child the many values of diversity and communication.


  • Dance - Dancing helps even the youngest child express herself with music and movement. Whether it is free interpretation or choreographed movements, many Kids 'R' Kids locations offer classes and instruction in dance. Kids love to perform and express themselves with music and movement as they gain a great sense of accomplishment while doing so.


  • Martial Arts - The principles of the ancient art teach self-discipline and physical prowess. Through martial arts, children learn to respect others and regulate their own actions.


  • Music - Music is an incredible tool used for brain development. Our music programs expose children to a variety of musical styles, cultures, and techniques, awakening their inner abilities. Children have the opportunity to play instruments, engage in singing exercises, as well as compose their very own musical masterpieces.


  • Computers - Knowing that our future continues to involve the technology of computers, Kids `R` Kids understands the importance of providing your child with the latest in electronic lessons and games to support the educational themes taught in school.
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